How I started
I'm only 18, but I've been decorating cakes for six years.  It started one day when I was helping my mom bake a cake for my sister's birthday.  Mom had always made delicious cakes but they never looked very nice.  So I started looking online and learning some basic decorating skills.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Later we took a Wilton decorating class together and I refined those skills.  After that I heard of fondant and started looking up how to use it.  I now make my own marshmallow fondant which tastes much better than store-bought.


So life went on, with me decorating Mom's cakes every time a sibling had a birthday.  Then out of the blue a friend of ours asked me to make a cake for her baby shower.  I worked really hard and produced this fabulous cake with little elephants on it that matched her nursery theme.  Folks at the party were so impressed they spread the word, and orders have been coming in ever since.  Four years ago I created a wedding cake and entered it in a local art contest.  I was so surprised when I won not only "best cake" but "Best of Show" from the whole contest, which included art, weaving, cakes, baking, etc.

Like I said, I'm only 18, and so I'm not a true professional.  But I'm always improving on my skills, and my prices are reasonable.  I bake the cakes myself from scratch, using my mom's famous recipes with my own little changes, and they are really good!  I'm all about delicious cakes also looking amazing.  So give us a try and see what we can create for your special party!