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"In all I do, I strive to do my best, knowing that God sees."

ROSS TAYLOR ENTERPRISES - a small business dedicated to serving 78209 with integrity since 2006.

Hi.  I'm Ross Taylor.  Thanks for visiting my website.


I grew up in Terrell Hills of San Antonio, graduated near the top of my class from MacArthur High School, earned a bachelors degree in education, a masters degree in divinity, and have served in Christian ministry for 17 years, including seven years on the mission field in Costa Rica as a seminary professor.


When my mom passed away in late 2005, I returned to San Antonio to settle her complex estate involving eleven commercial and residential rental properties as well as other investments.  I moved back home, to the house I grew up in in Terrell Hills, and settled into being a landlord.  I also began marketing the many skills I had gained over a lifetime of experience.  In more recent years, my kids have caught the entrepreneurial spirit, and so you will see them finding their niche on these pages as well.


A word about the wide variety of services I offer.  When I represent myself as capable of doing all these different things, I do so only because I have true expertise.  I may not be San Antonio's top expert, but then again I don't charge like one of San Antonio's top experts!  Call an HVAC technician, plumber, electrician, or handyman from the Yellow Pages -- you'll pay $60 to $150/hour.  Me -- you'll pay $30/hour.  Why?  Because that's what I'm willing to work for -- and not because I'm substandard, but because I believe $30/hour is a fair price.  I can't do everything.  And if you ask me to do something I can't, I'll tell you so and refer you to someone who can.  But every service I do offer draws on a background of years of real experience and expertise; otherwise I would not put myself out there.  And in all I do, I strive to do my best, knowing that God sees.


So let me share a little of the background and foundation for each of my areas of expertise.


Property Management & Handyman Services -- As far back as I can remember, my father owned rent houses.  And from my earliest years he loved to take me along as his helper.  I met tenants, saw him collect rent, watched him fix air conditioners.  I helped him scrub the floors, paint the walls, change the locks, and patch the roof.  We rehung cabinet doors, layed linoleum, spackled sheetrock, blew insulation, and replaced sinks, faucets, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.  I'll never forget cleaning out a refrigerator full of spoiled food and maggot-filled meat after a tenant shut off the electricity and moved out without notifying us.  Since inheriting my mom's properties in 2005, I've done all these things and a hundred more.  Anything that can be done to a house or its furnishings, I've done it -- dozens of times.  I've also learned to keep the books and calculate the taxes.  Rental management and fixing things are in my blood.  During the years I served as a pastor, I was also responsible for maintenance of the church facilities.  I kept up with preventive maintenance, fixed a lot of things myself, and contracted out the few things I couldn't do.


Lawn Care -- Of course I have been mowing and taking care of our 1/2 acre lot at 140 Bryker Drive in Terrell Hills since I was kid; so that was my base of experience.  But then from 1997 to 1999, as a temporary job while we prepared to leave for Costa Rica, I ran a lawn care business.  I put flyers on people's doors all over Terrell Hills saying: "I'm your neighbor, I speak English, I charge a fair price, I show up on time, I pick up sticks and rocks, I won't scalp your lawn with my mower, I won't scalp your trees and bushes with my weed eater, You will like my work, I promise."  Many people gave me a chance, and all my customers were satisfied.  Since returning to Terrell Hills in 2006, I have again offered the same quality service.  Give me a try.  I will match or beat what you're being charged now, and I guarantee you will get better service -- without all the hassles.


Tree Trimming -- Same story as above: caring for the large trees at my Terrell Hills home as a kid, and then doing lots and lots of tree trimming as part of my lawn care business from 1997 to 1999, and now from 2006 to present.  I can hardly stand seeing a live oak tree that has been over-pruned, where the limbs are stripped of leaves and branches all the way out to within two feet from the end of a forty-foot limb.  All that does is encourage stubble growth back near the trunk -- ensuring that pruning will have to be done again even sooner.  I have a sense of prudence and will not over-prune your trees.  I also trim shrubs and remove dead trees.


Appraising & Purchasing Rare Coins -- I started collecting coins when I was six.  When I was sixteen my grandmother gave me $10,000 and told me to invest it for her in rare coins.  Since then I've bought and sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of collectible coins.  I know my stuff and can accurately appraise yours.  I can also offer you the best price for your coins because I have no overhead, storefront, or employees, and only use free or mostly free advertising.  Appraisals are free.  Get a bid from me and then shop around.  I guarantee you will not get a better offer.


Computers -- I wrote my first program in 1981 on a Radio Shack TRS-80, hacked into the MacArthur computer lab's server in 1983, and it's just been lots of fun ever since.  I'm not certified on all the latest stuff, and I no longer program or hack, but I've always been the family's computer whiz.  There's a good chance I can help you with yours.


Christian Weddings & Marriage Counseling -- Current ordination in the United Methodist Church and years of pastoral experience qualify me to perform weddings.  Twenty-four years in a sometimes tough marriage, four kids ages eleven to twenty-one, nine years of pastoral experience, and what my parishioners have called a true spiritual gifting qualify me to counsel. 


In addition to advertising the services I myself offer, I may from time to time place advertisments on this website for a few highly trusted partners.  These will be other small businesses whose owners are Christians whom I know well and trust completely.  If you decide to use their services, you can expect the same integrity from them as you would from me.


I look forward to serving you at your point of need with the respect and attention you deserve.


                                                                                                                         --  Ross Taylor


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