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Christian Marriage Counseling


Let's face it, men and women are different -- in more ways than just the obvious.  And sometimes in our marriages we need help in learning to understand and get along with our mate.​  Many couples face misunderstandings, resentments, poor communication skills, sexual frustrations, discord, divergent life goals, parenting difficulties -- and the list goes on.​  If you need someone to mediate, encourage, facilitate communication, and bring sound advice based on Biblical principles to bear in your marriage and family, then you've come to the right place.​  If you and your spouse need help, please don't wait until things get worse.


I offer confidential marriage and family counseling, from a Christian perspective, in the privacy of your home or, preferably, at my counseling studio.  I am a Christian pastor and am qualified and experienced to bring real help to your situation.


Some of my qualifications:

​* Married to the same woman 24 years.  We've had our share of

      difficulties -- which helps me understand yours.

* Four children ages ten to twenty, all of whom know and love the

      Lord, but who have not been perfect.

​* Masters of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.

​* Ordained in the United Methodist Church since 1989.

​* Seventeen years of ministry experience, including two as a youth

      pastor, eight as a senior pastor, and seven as a missionary

      seminary professor in Costa Rica.

​* Counseling seems to be one of my spiritual gifts.  Over the years,

      many of my parishioners have said so, and I think that's the best



Christian marriage counseling is somewhat different from other kinds of marriage counseling you may find offered out there.  The first difference is that Christian counseling comes from a Christian perspective: the goal is to bring the resources of our mighty God to bear on our everyday problems.  God made us, He knows us well, and His Word offers wise principles to apply in our marriages.  Prayer unleashes the power of His Spirit to work in our hearts toward reconciliation.​  


The second difference is that the counseling I offer is pastoral -- meaning that it is relational and involves the giving and receiving of spiritual direction.  You can expect that I will focus on your relationship with God, with your spouse, and with your family, and that I will be direct with you about what needs to take place in order for you to see the kinds of changes you are longing for.  In particular, I will give you the communication tools you need to improve your relationship with your spouse.​


In the course of marriage counseling, it's often necessary to delve into other areas of life that frequently cause marital conflict: finances, child-rearing, in-laws, and the like.  You can be assured that these are areas in which I am competent to offer help as well.  And if not, I am ready and able to refer you to other skilled providers and specialists as needed.​  I always prefer to counsel couples together, with both husband and wife present.  I will sometimes counsel husbands separately; but for the sake of propriety I will not meet with wives separately unless my own wife can be present with us.


​My counseling fee is $30/hour, which includes my coming to your home, though I prefer you come to my counseling studio (an apartment behind my home)  since it is distraction-free, as well as neutral territory.  The clock starts only when we actually sit down together.  I don't take insurance at this time, but many couples find that their insurance co-pay is $30 per visit anyway.​  If you and your spouse need help, please don't wait until things get worse.  Divorce is always a tragedy, a "remedy" worse than the malady.  God gave us to each other in marriage to sanctify us, not necessarily just to make us happy.


​If you need someone to come alongside your marriage with encouragement, prayer, and sound Biblical counsel, I hope you'll give me a call.  We're in this together... and so is God.  I'm committed to helping you experience the satisfying marriage God intended.


Marriage Repair is a family ministry located in San Antonio, Texas. Others may offer similar services, but I believe I offer a gifted, unique, and personal touch.  Call me at home, during reasonable business hours, at (210) 824-9319 and ask for Ross Taylor.  If I'm not at home, please leave a message and I'll return your call promptly.  I look forward to hearing from you.


​I also offer pre-marital counseling, and am licensed in Texas to perform weddings.  Call for details.


​​​​​​​​Rev. Ross Taylor, M.Div.

* Grew up in Terrell Hills in San Antonio.  

* Graduated from MacArthur High School.  

* Undergraduate degree in Christian Education from Southwestern

      University in Georgetown, TX.  

* Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.  

* Served churches across south Texas.

* Counseled many couples and individuals during 17+ years

      of ministry.



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