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Coin Collection Appraisal & Offer to Purchase


I am a private coin collector who offers free appraisals on U.S. and foreign coins.  Call for an appointment, let me see what you have, and I will make you an offer.  


Feel free to compare my offer to that of other dealers.  But in the end I am sure you will come back and sell to me, because I offer more for your coins than any dealer in town.  How?  I work out of my home, so I have no overhead, no employees.  Plus, I'm buying to keep, not to turn around and immediately resell.


NOTICE TO THIEVES: I keep no valuables at my home; everything is kept in a bank safe deposit box.  Also my home is protected by a 24-hour video surveillance system, an alarm system, and the shotgun I keep handy.  Friendly service guaranteed.


I buy all U.S. and foreign coins, but I don't buy bullion, bullion coins, scrap, jewelry, or currency.

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