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Yard Care -- Mowing, Edging, Tree Trimming


Mowing -- Here's the bottom line:  I will do an excellent job, at a very fair price, without the hassles.


I'm your neighbor.

I speak English.

I charge a fair price.

I show up on time.

I pick up sticks and rocks.

I won't scalp your lawn with my mower.

I won't scalp your trees and bushes with my weed eater.

I leave things clean.

You will like my work, I promise.


Give me a try.  I will match or beat what you're being charged now, and I guarantee you will get better service -- without all the hassles.
Tree Trimming -- Let me trim and maintain your large trees without over-pruning them.  I can hardly stand seeing a live oak tree that has been over-pruned, where the limbs are stripped of leaves and branches all the way out to within two feet from the end of a forty-foot limb.  All that does is encourage stubble growth back near the trunk -- ensuring that pruning will have to be done again even sooner.  I have a sense of prudence and will not over-prune your trees.  The same goes for pecan, ash, mesquite, and all other trees.  I also trim bushes and take out dead trees.  Best of all, I only charge $30/hour and I work hard.  Trust me, you'll come out ahead versus a bid from the commercial guys. They bid to make a killing; I'm just trying to make a decent living.  Or if you prefer, I will beat any written bid by 10%.


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